Stop The West 70th Street Luxury Condominum Tower

Some thoughts. I did not know Peter Jennings personally and I do miss him on the air. But the turn of events now shows us how important he was to defeating the last attempt by the Synagogue. For some reason, I think he might want us to not forget his July 1, 2003 letter, which was then reported in the New York Times and The New York Observer. Has anything changed? Anyway, Thank You Mr. Jennings

Peter Jennings Letter and Sherida Paulsen

A letter was submitted at the July 1, 2003 hearing on behalf of Peter Jennings. In addition to opposing the tower and objecting to the holding of a hearing just before the July 4, 2003 holiday, Mr. Jennings stated:

Here's what else I hear on the street: That people have lost
faith in the process - the governing process - because they
believe "the fix is in." It's a horrible phrase, but many of my
neighbors are convinced it is true.

Jack Rudin's name comes up a lot. He's done a great deal for
New York City but in this neighborhood these days I hear him
discussed as a member of the synagogue who wishes to have
his way, and the synagogue's, no matter what the neighbor's

Sherida Paulsen's name comes up. Is it true that she is
carrying out some commitment that former Chair Jennifer
Raab made to the synagogue, as many are speculating? Can
she tell the neighbors what the Landmark Commission's basis
is for supporting the synagogue's building plan?

This is a tough accusation. Rudin testified at the first hearing as the first witness. Sherida Paulsen took an very active role in the hearings, alluding to ex parte discussion, shaping the argument in a way favorable to the Synagogue, an cutting off witnesses whose testimony was critical of the synagogue. Then, at the February 2003 hearing, she led off a discussion of by launching into support of the project. This was all the more surprising since, as the then Chairman of the Commission, it would have been appropriate for her to speak last after the other Commissioners, rather than first.

See the testimony in the PDF files of the transcripts [these are searchable files and are bookmarked with reference to the speaker - be sure to show bookmarks.]

November 26, 2002 Transcript

February 11 26, 2003 Transcript

July 1, 2003 Transcript - As of July 14, 2003, this transcript was not available: according to the LPC, the transcript had not been complete.