Dedicated to the preservation of New York City's historic landmarked West 70th Street and
protection from the incursion of an inappropriate condominum tower at the Shearith Israel Synagogue site.

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April 15, 2008 Documents Filed at Hearing by Opposition
Exhibit KK - Filed by ProtectWest70 - Sugarman
Marty Levine Letter
Jay Greer Letter with Charts and Tables - Opp. Ex. LL
Jim Mulford Letter
Jim Mulford Presentation
KL Davis Presentation
Craig Morrison Statement
Kate Wood Statement
Susan Nial Second Letter Brief
Ron Prince - 18 West 70- Statement
April 2, 2008 Documents filed By Congregation With BSA
Submission by Congregation to BSA (complete).
Cover Letter of Friedman & Gotbaum of April 1, 2008.
Freeman & Frazier (Fesability Consultant) Letter of April 1, 2008.
Charle Platt (Architect) Letter March 28, 2008.

March 25, 2007 documents filed by opposition.
Statement by Alan D. Sugarman
Opposition Exhibits
GG - Drawings Classroom Space and Access
HH - Re Beit Rabban IRS Form 990 and Rent
JJ - Re Classrooms, Toddler Program
Statement of Martin B. Levine Metropolitan Valuation Services (re Economic Feasibility)
Statement of Landmark West - Kate Wood
Attachment to LW - Soft Sites on CPW
Statement of Mark Lebow
Letter Brief of Susan Nial, Esq.
Statement of Craig Morrison
Grubb & Ellis Appraisal re 18 West
Letter of David Rosenberg re DOB and Jurisdiction
Statement of Jay Greer re Classrooms Programmatic Need
Statement of Jay Greer re Funding of Religious Organizations