Dedicated to the preservation of New York City's historic landmarked West 70th Street and
protection from the incursion of an inappropriate condominum tower at the Shearith Israel Synagogue site.

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   On December 9, 2004, the Landmarks Preservation Commission held a hearing and public meeting concerning the proposal from Shearirth Israel. First, the LPC provided the Congregation with yet another opportunity for another presentation by its architects and attorneys, and then several of the commissioners provided comments, the effect of which led to a withdrawal of the proposal by the Congregation.
Part 1 - Congregation Presentation   6 MB Listen 5.8 MB Listen
Friedman comments re community groups from Part 1   .46 MB Listen .4 MB Listen
Vice-Chair Pablo Vengoechea   .89 MB Listen .9 MB Listen
Commissioner Vicky Match Sun   .31 MB Listen .3 MB Listen
Commissioner Richard Olcott   .34 MB Listen .3 MB Listen
Commissioner Roberta Brandes Gratz   .6 MB Listen .6 MB Listen
Ex-Commissioner Paulsen   .55 MB Listen .5 MB Listen
Ex-Commissioner Meredith Kane   .86 MB Listen .9 MB Listen
Thomas Pike   .19 MB Listen .2 MB Listen
Chair Robert Tierny   .42 MB Listen .4 MN Listen

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The 2003 proposal finally was withdrawn after a December 9, 2004 LPC hearing and open meeting. Comments of some of the commissioners at the meeting was used in the Congregation's August 15, 2005 letter to the LPC. The [mis]impression that the Congregation wishes to float is that at the December, 2004 meeting, the LPC had advised the Congregation that if the building were not higher than 18 West 70th, then the LPC would approve any acceptable design. Putting aside the fact that the LPC did not vote in 2004 and that two of the five commissioners selectively quoted in their letter are no longer Commissioners (Paulsen and Kane), a full reading of the transcript would show that this never happened.Of course, no transcript was ever prepared, so, the Congregation was able to selectively quote.





Read Shelly Freidman's August 15, 2005 letter and compare the letter to the actual statements at the hearing.

As a bonus, listen to Attorney Friedman opine on whose opinion really matters and why.